Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Quickest hospital appointment in history??

The key to a speedy hospital appointment became clear to us last night, the last appointment of the day and it being a late one i.e. 7.30pm!

We arrived into the CT department at 7.25pm to be greeted by the lady scanning Paul and her taking him straight through to be scanned.  10 minutes later Paul appears into the waiting room complete with cannula in his arm for the 10 minute wait to check the contrast injected into him doesn't give him a bad reaction.  The cannula is then removed exactly 10 minutes later.  Total appointment time = 20 minutes!  I suspect they were due to finish at 8pm but saw the opportunity to finish early :-) 

We didn't even have to go and seek out someone to give us a special outpatient car parking card as we were only 40 minutes in the car park and the fee for that is cheaper than the outpatient pass.

My brother and his girlfriend live not too far away from Addenbrookes so our evening didn't end there.  We went for a visit and they very kindly cooked us pancakes.  Although some of Martin's efforts did look a little like cat sick, Katie's were much better!

I woke this morning at 6.15am, which was fabulous.  I have just found out our little monkey, who has been waking at around 5am for the last week or so, decided that was also the time he would wake up.  I've already warned Grandma and Grandad that if he wakes at 5am tomorrow he is off to live with them!

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  1. Martin obviously needs more than one 'pancake day' in a year!