Saturday, 9 November 2013

Another two months nearly up!

This coming Thursday we will travel once again to Papworth for Paul to have an x-ray and see the oncologist.  This time we are both really hoping we get a good, stable result as this will then mean we can look forward to Christmas knowing Paul can enjoy it.  Last year he started chemo just before Christmas and it made him so sick for the next couple of days (he ended up back in hospital overnight) that come Christmas Day he was absolutely exhausted and could hardly stay awake or eat anything.  I know he looks back and knows it was a horrible Christmas.

The last 2 months seem to have flown by.  We had a weekend away at the seaside and a week at Center Parcs which were both brilliant.  We have another holiday booked to Winter Wonderland at the beginning of December to look forward too.

The 4th December will see our little boy turn 3!  I have no idea where the years have gone.  It only seems 5 minutes we were bringing him home from hospital.  An experience we had hoped to repeat by the time I turned 38 last week but unfortunately mesothelioma has changed our life plans and now we know Ethan will unfortunately be an only child.  I don't think about it too much else I would break down but we are so very lucky to have him and we thank our lucky stars ever day that we do.

In January Ethan will start at pre-school which we hope he will enjoy.  We know he is very ready as he loves being with other children and is a very friendly little chap.  His big adventure into the world will begin.  I just hope it doesn't go by too fast for us.

Our poor little cat Honey had to have blood tests the other week as she had lost weight at her yearly check.  Although a month later she hasn't lost any more the vets wanted to check to see if there was any problems.  The blood results showed elevated levels to do with her liver and some muscle wastage value too (far too complicated for me to understand).  She is having an ultrasound of her tummy on Wednesday to see if they can find anything.  The vet said to me if they find anything they will talk about biopsy but as its a very invasive procedure for a cat it may not be worth it.  I know if they find something I will be very very sad as we have know Honey since the day she was born and she is now 7 and a half.  She has become part of the family.

Paul's operation last week went well and he is happy with the results so far.  When they brought him back to the ward after he had woken up I said to the nurse I was pleased I hadn't seen him straight after his operations last year.  It wasn't that nice to see him really sleepy and not with it.  He seemed to turn a corner quite quickly though and we left the hospital at about 4pm.

So this week we start with the scanxiety of with it/won't it have started to grown again.  I pray we can at least get through Christmas and into the new year before any other treatments have to be thought about.

I will try to update you all on Thursday evening xx

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  1. keeping my fingers crossed for the x ray and for Honey