Saturday, 19 April 2014

Good news all round!

I'm here again!  with an update on this week.

On Tuesday we took Honey to the specialist vet to have blood tests.  He was happy with her overall condition and although she weighs the same as she did last month he said that weigh gain will be a steady and gradual process over a longer period of time.  He took blood and rang with the results on Thursday.  The steroids are still making the liver enzyme results drop which is good news and they are now down to three times normal and last time they were four times.  Another check up and blood taking in six weeks.

We had a long day on Wednesday.  After dropping Ethan at my parents and travelling to Addenbrookes we then had an hour and a half wait because the Consultant was running behind.  We did however come out with the result Paul is happiest with.  They will repeat the HALO operation he had in October last year.  His condition 'down there' isn't as bad as it was then so hopefully it will be successful this time round.  As he is having an op we then had to go to pre-assessment and then to blood testing.  We left the car park at Addenbrookes about four hours after arriving.  We then went to do a bit of shopping (just in the Asda there) and didn't arrive home til about 5pm.  It felt like a long day.  

The big day then arrived.  After three months we were going back to Papworth for chest x-ray and to see the Oncologist.  They are resurfacing one of the roads we usually go on so we had to go a long way round meaning we left earlier as we weren't too sure how long it would take.  We were at Papworth slightly early but went in and got the x-ray done.  We were called earlier than our appointment time, which was great.  We saw Dr Gilligan and Claire, our Specialist Nurse.  Dr Gilligan said he had compared x-rays, this times to January's and also to the one they had from last July and he was very happy and that coupled with how Paul is feeling means it is good news all round.  We now have another three months before going back.  HORRAY!

After passing on the news to those that were waiting we went on the Park and Ride into Cambridge.  We did some shopping and had a celebratory lunch out.  Another long day!

Yesterday we just rested and relaxed and caught up with stuff at home and everyone had a nap!

Now we have our first holiday of the year to look forward to in just over a week.  We can now also book a holiday for June/July time, although we need to decide where to go first! 

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