Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Apologies once again for not writing for so long.  Normal life gets in the way of my blog writing.

We have just had a great summer with Ethan and been very busy enjoying the holidays before he started school at the beginning of September.  I am pleased to say he has settled into school very well and from what we can gather he is enjoying it.

The end of September and the beginning of October mark several anniversaries for Paul and I.  The anniversary of when we first met was 11 years ago on Sunday.  Our Wedding Anniversary is tomorrow, we have been married 9 years.  

The end of September also marks the start of our Mesothelioma journey.  Three years ago Paul had his first biopsy and on the 4th October 2012 Paul was diagnosed.

Three years of survival is a massive achievement given the horrifying statistics of 12-18 months.  Although we have known from the beginning that statistics don't apply to Paul given his young age and good general health.

Anniversaries of this sort make you think about the past year and look to the future and what it might hold.  Our lives have been mostly normal with only a few hospital scans and check ups, at all of which Paul was given the good news that things looked and remain to look stable.  His general health has been quite good and to those that see him on a day to day basis he looks like anyone else.  Fatigue remains his only daily reminder his health is not 100%.  Afternoon naps to help have become a daily occurrence.  All in all we cannot grumble.

At the beginning of the year Paul, Ethan and I appeared in the local papers along side another Ely couple who were raising awareness and funds for Mesothelioma UK.  It was with deep sadness yesterday that we learnt that Richard had unfortunately slipped away.  We met Richard and his wife Jackie at the Papworth Support Group.  Richard fought his battle with Mesothelioma with dignity, strength, positivity and a great sense of humour.  Paul and I will always remember some of the jokes we heard him tell.  We have and will remain to draw inspiration from Richard and Jackie and their fight with Mesothelioma.  Our thoughts at this very difficult time of course remain with Jackie and her family.

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