Friday 13 November 2015

Check Up Day

Yesterday was Papworth scan and check up day.  We had booked ourselves a later appointment so that we would have time to take Ethan to school and get t0 Papworth.  As I had been ill earlier in the week, I was unsure right up til yesterday morning if I would actually be able to go with Paul but it all worked out well.  We arrived just before his scheduled time to go for Xray.  Paul went up and I waited in reception for him to return.  Once he returned we went into the clinic where Paul was weighed and we sat down to wait for his appointment time.

We saw Claire (our Specialist Nurse) and Dr Gilligan (the Oncologist) take another patient into a room and Claire mouthed to us that we were next.  Well, we were sat there for another 45 minutes before they came back out.  We didn't mind though as we said this was the first time since Paul's very first appointment, at diagnosis, that we have had to wait any length of time.  We sometimes even get seen early.  Another reason why we always say Papworth is above and beyond!

We went into the room with Claire and Dr Gilligan.  Paul was asked how he was feeling.  He mentioned that over the last few months, since his last appointment, he has noticed an increased amount of periods of pain in the area of his operation.  These aren't anything too much but Paul has noticed the increase.  Dr Gilligan told us that he had checked Paul's x-ray back to the last one he had and even back to 2 years or so ago and he can see no change what so ever, which is remarkable.  However they have always said that x-rays don't show the whole picture and Paul is the best marker on what is actually happening inside.

He therefore gave Paul several options about having a CT scan so that a more detailed picture can be drawn about what is actually happening and if (fingers crossed) the mesothelioma is growing.  He gave Paul the choice of having that arranged straight away, at the time of his next checkup or not at all if he chose.

Paul has decided, with the guidance from me of Chrsitmas being just round the corner, that he will have a CT in the new year and we will attend Papworth in late January for the results.

A CT scan will give us a much more detailed picture of what is happening but it also scares me that we will find out just how much growth (or not!) there has been.  The thought of Paul making a choice about more treatment when he is so fit and well, meaning he could spend 6 months and even up to a year feeling poorly, will really be a very difficult choice.  They have always said that Paul would present with symptoms before the Mesothelioma grew too much, so I will hang on to the fact that Paul is just in such great health it can't really have grown too much.

After Dr Gilligan left the room, Claire, our really lovely Specialist Nurse said that she had seen Paul's X-ray and they really do look very clean.  She said Dr Gilligan had even remarked "Does this chap actually have Mesothelioma?!!"  Just that sentence sums up just how great Paul is doing!  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Paul has and never will conform to the statistics of Mesothelioma!  What the future and 2016 will bring us is anyone's guess, but I can only hope that the CT scan comes back with little or no growth!

We can now look forward to our little boy turning 5 and our pre-Christmas Winter Wonderland break to Center Parcs.


  1. We too have just been for my husband's annual scan. He is a survivor. Eight years now since he was diagnosed and still going strong, best of luck to you both

  2. Wow, eight years is a massive achievement given the horrendous statistics for mesothelioma. I'd be interested to learn more about your story xx