Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Pros, Cons and Questions

Tomorrow is result day!  Two weeks ago, Paul had a CT scan (the first in two and a half years) and tomorrow we have an appointment with his oncologist to receive the results.

Today, as his wife, I have one hundred million different questions, pros and cons flying around my head.  Questions for if the Mesothelioma hasn't grown and questions for if it has.

Of course we are both hoping for the best but we have near enough as many questions for if it hasn't grown for if it has!  
We are fully prepared!

Three years on from first diagnosis and I know a lot more about mesothelioma and its treatments and trials (and where to find the information if I don't know) than I did in the very early days when Paul first had treatment.  

At the moment I am feeling fine.  Three years as the wife of a terminal cancer patient has changed my perspective on life.  Today is today, tomorrow is tomorrow.  We can't change the outcome, we'll roll with it!

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  1. keeping fingers crossed. Five years on from our meso diagnosis we embrace the mantra "hope for the best, prepare for the worst"
    From a fellow meso blogger