Sunday, 17 February 2013

End of our 'normal' week :-(

Our 'normal' or Paul's good week (the week where he is feeling the most like normal) is coming to an end and next week is chemo week.  Paul has had a full week at work and even been out to the pub with one of his mates.  Ethan and I have been out twice this week to playgroup and to meet with friends and have lunch. So all in all a good week!  A week where we almost forget the 'c' word and sometimes it seems like it could just be a dream.

Unfortunately Paul isn't feeling so great today and I suspect a full week at work was a little too much for his body to handle.  He says he feels like he has no energy and is resting as I write.  A relaxing day today is definitely called for (with lunch out at my parents) and he will have to take it easy this week ready for his next cycle on Thursday.

Tomorrow we are back at Addenbrookes to see his oncologist and hoping for good news from Tuesdays scan.  We were discussing this yesterday and good news will definitely give Paul a boost to get through the next cycles as he will know something good is coming out of feeling so bad.


  1. tell him he doesn't have to be superman! just take it easy through the chemo

  2. Thank you, who are you Anonymous??

  3. sorry, five years!

  4. Aaah from Macmillan! Thank you, hope your doing ok?