Saturday, 1 November 2014

Still stable!!

This week saw us return to Papworth for Paul to have his three month x-ray and check up with his Oncologist.  We were up early as we needed to leave at 8 to make sure we arrived in time for the 9.15am x-ray slot.  As it was half term we made it in plenty of time.

We had to wait a while as they had to find the radiographer and therefore we only just made it back to clinic for the 9.30am appointment.

We were called in near enough straight away by our lovely Specialist Nurse, Claire and Dr Gilligan joined us shortly afterwards.  As soon as he sat down he said he had checked Paul's x-ray and it all looked fine.  In fact he had checked it against last years and he said there was no noticeable change.  He then listened to Paul's chest and again said it was all good.

We did discuss CT scanning again but as Paul's x-rays are showing no change and Paul is still symptom free the mutual decision is to carry on with three monthly checks.  Should anything change between appointments and Paul gets any symptoms then they would always see him again.

We are now 18 months treatment free!

Every hospital appointment now is getting easier.  In the beginning it was truly nail biting stuff to have to go and find out what they had to say.  Now I think we have had 8 stable appointments, which is just great, I can hardly believe it.  Life will never be 'normal' again but the last 18 months have been a great new normal.

When Paul was first diagnosed in October 2012 I didn't know if he would survive to his son's 2nd Birthday or Christmas.  Now we are approaching Ethan's 4th Birthday and although the first Christmas after diagnosis was horrendous for Paul (due to chemo) we can now look forward to Christmas 2014.  Holiday planning for 2015 can also begin.

Claire said Paul was their miracle, let the miracle continue......

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